285 - Woman Based Misogyny by Len Webb

#misogyNO - Apparently misogyny against women BY WOMEN is a very real thing as Len learns from an illuminating panel of Lady Tribbles, led by Kennedy aka Storm Tribble. Ariell Johnson of Amalgam Comics, singer Alexa Gold, world music DJ Supatang and WPPM-LP radio personality Jordan Guerra-Kauwling touch on slut shaming, body positivity, Beyonce, trans-misogyny and more.

Episode 267 - The 2017 Coming Soon Show w Darryl Charles by Len Webb

Comedian DARRYL CHARLES (The Darryl & Timmaree Fun Hour) joins the Tribbles for laughter-filled romp thru the upcoming highlights of the 2017 geekery season: Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, Vin Diesel, Cuphead, God of War, sequelitis, Jason Mamoa and more, including New Independent Music by BASE BRONSON w AWESOME NOBODY!

Episode 266 - In Memoriam by Len Webb

The WOrld's Finest Tribbles - Supes and Bats - are joined by Philly socialite and mixologist SUMMER WILLOW FITCH in a tuneful stroll down the months of 2016 in remebrance of the dearly departed we lost along the way, including David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Maurice White, Prince, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds and a memorable sendoff for Alan Thicke.