320 - Great African-Americans of the 21st Century by Len Webb


Black Panther continues to rack accolades and box office stardom days after its release, setting itself up as one of the GREAT BLACK ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE 21st CENTURY alongside Barack Obama, Sheila Johnson, Vonetta Flowers, Sophie Denenberg and a long line of phenomenal African-Americans.

SPOILED TRIBBLES - Black Panther by Len Webb


The Black Tribbles are joined by LEANN LINDSAY of Tinsel & Tine, the Vibe-Mistress herself STEPHANIE RENEE of WURD, Cult Pop Go's JD AKA JOHNNY DESTRUCTO, ARIELL JOHNSON of Amalgam Comics, Cosplay King ERIC 'The Smoke' MORAN, legendary comic book artist ERIC BATTLE and many more for a rousing and exuberant review of Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER. Wakanda Forever!

310 - DISROBING FOR DOLLARS + Rick & Morty Director BRYAN NEWTON by Len Webb


Marvel Studios drops the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Animation director BRYAN NEWTON (Rick & Morty, Teen Titans Go!) sees dead people in LA. PhillyCAM raises money to keep the lights on. The BatTribble gets naked. This one literally has it all! Including special guests galore!

303- The Essynce Moore Story by Len Webb


We celebrate Black Excellence in all shapes, sizes and ages. First we present THE ESSYNCE MOORE STORY, a chat with a 15 year old go-getter with 3 books, a fashion line and even a storefront in her past with world domination in her sights. Detroit's MECCACon fiery creator MAIA CROWN WILLIAMS reveals what's in the new MECCACon Subscription Box and writer GREG ANDERSON ELYSEE drops Vol II of the graphic novel Is'Nana The Were-Spider.