Len The BatTribble and Johnny Destructo aka Tribble 2099 use a double-stuffed episode to check listener mail, give a illuminating review of Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams' TUSKEGEE HEIRS, and explore the fascinating history of Black & White team-ups in pop culture which begins with JD's take on Miami Vice's Phillip Michael Thomas.

GUTTER TALK - Chelsea and the Mockingbird by Len Webb

The internet trolls that drove author Chelsea Cain (Marvel's Mockingbird) from Twitter have awoken a furry giant - does 5'11" qualify? - as Len calls out every one of the cowards then things get lighter with 'gutterings' on J. Scott Campbell, Constantine vs Hannibal, Betty and Veronica and word about Marvel's latest film DOCTOR STRANGE.

GUTTER TALK - Plane Talk & The MOSAIC Challenge by Len Webb

The Ran of Steel - Randy aka SuperTribble - returns to join Len & JD in an email rundown, a United Airline smack-down (get off the plane cause I have on WHAT?) and to lay down a challenge to comic book buyers everywhere on the debut of Marvel's MOSAIC by Geoffrey Thorne and Khary Randolph.

GUTTER TALK - Ruminations on a Killing by Len Webb

The Ran of Steel - Randy aka SuperTribble - returns to join in on the intense ruminations on DC Entertainment's latest animated comic book adaptation, The Killing Joke, which leads us down a rabbit hole of interesting Batgirl, Joker, Alan Moore conversation sure to tickle your funny bone while massaging your medulla oblongata.

GUTTER TALK - Sausage Party & Stranger Things (SPOILER EDITION) by Len Webb

Sausage Party SPOILED! Stranger Things REALLY SPOILED! Steven Universe UNFILTERED CUSTOMER PRAISE! Don't say we didn't warn you! JD, The BatTribble and special customer guest Keira drop knowledge in between the panels, down in the Gutters. Plus listener email talks about Frank Cho, Dwayne McDuffie and more.

GUTTER TALK - David Gallaher & Steve Ellis of THE ONLY LIVING BOY by Len Webb

JD is joined by Tim From Last Week, The Official Grace Gordon and Liz CrookedxHill to discuss Sex and Violence in Comics, and Bryan Lee O'Malley's Snotgirl issue 1! Then David Gallaher and Steve Ellis sit down with us to talk about their creator-owned book THE ONLY LIVING BOY!


GUTTER TALK - The Soundtrack of LUKE CAGE by Len Webb

The Tribbles and The Poptards look back at San Diego Comic-Con desperately searching for comic book news amidst the thrilling trailers and casting announcements which uncovers a deep secret of Black Hollywood before they build a soundtrack for Netflix's LUKE CAGE. Shout-out to The Shadow League, the Black Geeks and The Starting 5 podcasts for igniting our creativity and music programming muscles.