Ep 55 - Sparkle (1976) by Len Webb

The Men welcome ARIELL JOHNSON, the rock-star owner of Philadelphia's landmark Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, as they sit in astonishment at the heretofore unnoticed fact that 1976's SPARKLE features four - yes, FOUR - of the prettiest women ever to grace the big screen.

Ep 52 - Coonskin (1975) by Len Webb

Counter culture animator Ralph Bakshi mixes live action with incendiary cartoon images to create a daring controversial satire on African American life in the big city...or is it a stab into the gut of great mafia romance of the seventies? Or is it just a mess and a miss? The Men of Micheaux discuss, for your edutainment.

Ep 51 - Black Dynamite (2009) by Len Webb

Vince is off buying a home but the Mission continues with comedian Darryl Charles and his special selection to kick off LISTENER MOVIE MONTH - 2009's blaxploitation parody superb BLACK DYNAMITE, starring Michael Jai White, Salli Richardson, Tommy Davidson, Byron Minns, Kym Whitley and a host of cameos, quotes and mind numbing kung-fu hilarity.

Ep 50 - THE FIVE HEARTBEATS (1991) by Len Webb

It's the 50th stop on the Micheaux Mission so Vince and Len make it a big one, with a review of one of the seminal films of black cinema in the last 30 years - Robert Townsend's THE FIVE HEARTBEATS (1991). First they chat about songs that could/should be movies, read listener feedback and share the world's greatest iTunes review with one another.
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Ep 49 - Bamboozled (2000) by Len Webb

Yup! It's 'Hollywood' from Ava DuVernay's hit OWN network drama 'Queen Sugar' - OMAR DORSEY - chatting with the Men about A Face In The Crowd, the lure of 'the Howard Woman', his time as America's 'Cookie', the amazing Tommy Davidson and Saion Glover, the Spike influence and his yearly devotion to the dark satire, 2000's Bamboozled. PLUS - more loveliness from songstress Carmen Rodgers!

Ep 39 - Ganja & Hess (1973) by Len Webb

Technical difficulties can't keep the Men of Micheaux from their appointed duty to review emails and critique director Bill Gunn's intriguing 'vampire' urban-gothic Ganja & Hess. And who else to critique it with than the person who brought it to our attention, Ashlee of the Girls Will Be Ghouls podcast and Graveyardshift Sisters.