OCTAVIA CITY 2017 - Flashbang The Concert by Len Webb

Author RORIE STILL breaks out her musical executive producer cap to use her insane Afrofuturistic tale Flashbang and its demented 'protagonist' Teddy Ninja as inspiration for a first rate musical event featuring the amazing local talent of LITTLE TREE, KING ZIMM, DAVID LYVE, LEVY SUNG'RA, HEROES FOR HIRE, NO HEADLINER and ZEEK BURSE.

Octavia City 2017 - Alexa Gold & Charly Brownskin by Len Webb

Tribble Nation is treated to a evocative original tale from THE REAL Da'SHEN titled "Meet The Enemy" as depicted by the rapturous tone of 'Lilith Tribble' CHARLY BROWNSKIN, a provocative read on famed X-Men Storm from WILLIAM JONES' The Ex-Con, Voodoo Priest, Goddess and the African King before the sultry ALEXA GOLD shuts it down singing to 'Selene, the Goddess from the Moon'.

OCTAVIA CITY 2017 - Cailyn Stewart and Ras Mashramani by Len Webb

Octavia City 2017 wk1

The Tribbles annual trip to OCTAVIA CITY - a celebration of Afrofuturistic artistry - where they visit the ecelectic collective Metropolarity by way of NPR praise for Moor Mother and a dark hopeful tale on suicide by returning scribe RAS MASHRAMANI. And all the way from Ontario, Canada, CAILYN STEWART puts her SWJ shield down long enough to scare the bejeezus out of us with 'Deceived.'


OCTAVIA CITY 2016 - Andre Carrington & Moments with Octavia by Len Webb

Drexel University professor, distinguished scholar and author ANDRE CARRINGTON details the origins and lessons of his new book Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction then filmmaker M. ASLI DUKAN and radio host / podcaster VINCENT WILLIAMS relive their first-hand encounters with the late queen of Afrofuturism, Octavia Butler.

Inside OCTAVIAs BROOD w Adrienne Maree Brown by Len Webb

The speculative fiction compilation OCTAVIA'S BROOD has carried the Afrofuturist movement to new literary heights with its showcase of the social justice agenda inherent in many of its writing. Editor ADRIENNE MAREE BROWN divulges the backstory of its creation, the torch the book carries from its Octavia Butler inspiration and its searing piece on Star Wars Imperialism from Mumia Abu Jamal.

TRIBBLE NATION April 2015 - Octavia Butler by Len Webb

In celebration of the renowned science fiction author, the late Octavia Butler, the Tribbles join with Philly afrofuturistic music purveyor DJ Aura and Dr. Elisabeth Sumpter of MythMedia Studios for an exploration of the writer's life, works and words including WHO should and who should NOT star in a Lilith's Brood adaptation and WHEN did the noted time traveler really pass away?

Produced by Len Webb & Jeanette Woods for Black Tribbles and WHYY for NewsWorks.org | Theme music by R-SON The Voice of Reason and DJ Y-Not | Music provided by LMNOP of Good Behavior Music

OCTAVIA CITY 2015 week 2 by Len Webb

Our month long celebration of Afrofuturism inspired by Octavia Butler continues with poetry and song by JOHN WESLEY MOON & RASHAD DOBBINS of Washington DC's The Cornel West Theory and an fanciful reading by long-time Trekker CRYSTAL SPARROW.

OCTAVIA CITY is presented by The Afrofuturist Affair, MythMedia Studios and the Black Tribbles. Soundscape provided by DJ Aura.