Alexa Gold

OCTAVIA CITY Radio Afrocentauri - Ella's Children / Vanishing Rabbits

Returning Tribbles GABE CASTRO, TIMAREE and ALEXA GOLD join NANCY MARIE to lend their sumptuous vocals to the our final Octavia City 2018 stories - VANISHING RABBITS by Da'Shen, TECH SABBATICAL from Gary E. Moore and ELLA'S CHILDREN and LV246 by Wi-Moto Nyoka.

Octavia City 2017 - Alexa Gold & Charly Brownskin

Tribble Nation is treated to a evocative original tale from THE REAL Da'SHEN titled "Meet The Enemy" as depicted by the rapturous tone of 'Lilith Tribble' CHARLY BROWNSKIN, a provocative read on famed X-Men Storm from WILLIAM JONES' The Ex-Con, Voodoo Priest, Goddess and the African King before the sultry ALEXA GOLD shuts it down singing to 'Selene, the Goddess from the Moon'.