THRONE OF TRIBBLES s6e9 - Battle of The Bastards by Len Webb

Its not often that a skirmish involving all of the Dothraki and ALL of Daenerys' little fiery babies is the undercard of an episode but the Battle of the Bastards proves to be the tension filled blood gushing and curdling vicious epic mess of a throwdown that Game of Thrones has been promising for some time now. Few battles rival the violence, intensity, thrills and kills of this one.

THRONE OF TRIBBLES s6e2 - Home by Len Webb

Ariell Johnson, the Amalgam Tribble, joins the boys for a review of the second episode of the new season where nearly everyone has a scene to show what they're made of, got going on or to go out with a big splat. But leave it to Ramsey to prove that just when you think you know him, you don't know ish!