TRIBBLE NATION Oct 2016 - Fran Wilde by Len Webb

Kennedy and Len catch up with the Up Tribble herself, author Fran Wilde, revving up for the whirlwind launch of CLOUDBOUND, the sequel to her award-winning fantasy novel UPDRAFT. Len gushes all over the world-building of Fran's work and the characters Kirit and Nat. Fran and Kennedy bond over jewelry. And hear how one local author unknowingly influenced the look of Cloudbound.

TRIBBLE NATION Sept 2016 - Joseph Conyers by Len Webb

The principal bass of the venerable Philadelphia Orchestra JOSEPH CONYERS regales the Tribbles with tales of his Savannah GA beginnings, his 'Von Conyers' family background, the mission that his Curtis Institute education has led him on for youth of all shapes, sizes and colors and his decorated Storm Spotter certificate that turned him into a full-fledged weather geek.

TRIBBLE NATION August 2015 - Asian Representation in Genre Media by Len Webb

Social butterfly and Instagram darling ALBERT LEE @urphillypal and digital media marketing genius ANGIE HILEM lead the Tribbles in a discussion on Asian Representation in Genre Media, with chats about Netflix's Sense 8, ABC's Lost, popular movies and more. TRIBBLE NATION is brought to you by the Black Tribbles and WHYY for


The Tribbles seek insight for dealing with the civil unrest of today by journeying back to the nation's days of independence with none other than BENJAMIN 'Fatsides' FRANKLIN! Listen as the prolific author, inventor, philosopher and raconteur regales us with tales of daring, self reflection, regret and Hellfire. Then WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, Nina Simone, Godzilla, The Venus Transit and more happened.