TRIBBLETANG Oct 2016 - Tony Di & DMNQ LNDN by Len Webb

Len aka The BatTribble and Supa Tang welcome comic book writer TONY Di to reminisce with Len about their old days on the improv stage and make a hysterical return to their comedy roots; then hip hop's DMNQ LNDN spits hot geek fire before inspiring us all with her activist ways; and a 'Doug Loves Movies' game reveals an unsuspecting lover of black cinema in our midst.

TRIBBLETANG June 2016 - Dirty Diamonds by Len Webb

There's a definite need for more female representation in the comic book world and cartoonists / editors CLAIRE FOLKMAN & KELLY PHILLIPS fill it lovingly with the DIRTY DIAMONDS book collection. Here all about it, Kelly's CAT-a-log, Claire's furniture dressing and how little folks know about Al Pacino in this month's TRIBBLETANG, from Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse.

TRIBBLETANG May 2016 - Judah Priest by Len Webb

The Tribbles and world music DJ supreme, Supa Tang, kick off their premiere TRIBBLETANG, a monthly showcase happening live on First Fridays at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse with an interview with hip-hop veteran JUDAH PRIEST who details how he stays true to self and relevant in competitive world of rap music after 20 years in then goes hardcore geek with his devotion for and theories about The Last Son of Krypton.