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Sci-fi, comic books, movies, video games, cartoons; it all gets tossed around by the 6-headed hairy hoard of Black Tribbles.



The crew - creator/producer Len Webb aka Bat Tribble, Ariell Johnson aka the Uncanny Tribble, Kennedy Allen aka Storm Tribble, Erik Darden aka Master Tribble, Randy Green aka SuperTribble and Isaiah Luck aka Super Saiyan Tribble - has revealed untold stories of geek history, showcased new and upcoming projects, and engaged in thought-provoking conversation on a culture often lacking a Black perspective. of a black influence, all with a irreverent tone that delights as it educates.

A hot item heard regularly on G-town Radio, 900am WURD and WHYY/Newsworks (2011-2016) which brought the show Streaming Media Project of the Year honors at the 2014 Philadelphia Geek Awards and saw them named ‘Most Valuable Philadelphian’ at the 2015 Philly Give & Get Ball, the Black Tribbles made the move in 2016 to FM radio and the PhillyCAM confines of WPPM 106.5fm. The respected troupe won the Collaboration Award at the media company’s inaugural Cammy Awards in 2017. In 2018, the Tribbles debuted their first foray into television, Tribbles After Dark, on PhillyCAM’s television network.

The highlight of any Tribbles’ show, interview or live event is when they invite their guests and fans to name their own ‘Tribble Designation’ and take their place in the Tribble Nation by reciting the Tribbles’ whimsical oath of allegiance. It’s the community of fans that sustains the Black Tribbles in their quest to unite everyone under one coda - “Too Cool to be Geeks, Too Cute to be Nerds; we are Black Tribbles”.

“This band of geeks have won over our hearts.”
— Wizardworld
“An unique collective of creatives, serving up commentary and perspectives on all corners of Nerd Culture.”
— Nerdarchy

our honors

  • Streaming Media Project of the Year, 2014 Philadelphia Geek Awards

  • Most Valuable Philadelphian, 2015 Philly Give & Get Ball

  • Star Trek Mission New York: 50th Anniversary Convention, featured podcast

  • Collaboration Award, 2017 PhillyCAM Cammy Awards


LEN WEBB aka The BATTRIBBLE (Executive Producer, Host) created Black Tribbles in 2011 as the voice of the Black Geek in the ever growing podcasting world and has shepherded the internet radio show into a multimedia sensation at home on radio (Black Tribbles Prime), television (Tribbles After Dark), online and live. His leadership was noted in his election to PhillyCAM’s Board of Directors in 2018. He teamed with friend Vince Williams in 2016 to create the movie podcast The Micheaux Mission to satisfy his jones for Black cinema, but Tribble Nation is where he lays his hat. Because Batman ain’t sh!t without his family.

Len also goes by Montgomery Tribble in memory for his first crush, actress Elizabeth Montgomery of the classic Bewitched.

KENNEDY ALLEN aka STORM TRIBBLE (Host, Writer) is the first woman of Tribble Nation, a distinction she wears like her namesake Ororo (X-Men) - with regal pride. Her incredible talent for acting, singing and comedy is matched only by her voracious love of space exploration and Star Trek. Kennedy’s lovable adversarial debates feed some of the more memorable Tribbles’ episodes. She‘s a rock-star of the convention circuit (New York Comic Con, BlerdCity) and blossoming podcaster with the Trek-centric The Away Team. She is the moral compass of the Black Tribbles. And our heart and soul.

Kennedy also goes by Mjolnir Tribble (Thor) because precious few have been worthy of holding her.

ISAIAH LUCK aka SUPER SAIYAN TRIBBLE (Producer, Co-Host) began as an intern with the show in 2015 updating the social media feeds. He steadily took on more responsibilities behind the mic, growing into the role of Assistant Producer. He is a huge Anime fan (DragonBall Z) and student of Mixed Martial Arts. No one questions his loyalty to Black Tribbles and no one steps when ‘Cousin Muscles’ is around.

Isaiah bends his love of Japanese animation and MMA fighting into the creation of his The Legend of Korra designation Korra Tribble.

ERIK MACK aka MASTER TRIBBLE (Videographer, Host) was one of the first Tribbles on deck in 2011, providing the outsider’s view of geekdom. It wasn’t long before his Jedi (Star Wars) and Metaphysics flags were flapping on high in Tribble Nation, passions he shares with his wife and children. Erik is a skilled filmmaker, creative writer, certified weapons-master and provocative thinker whose bombastic rants are legendary on the show. He’s been voted ‘Most Valuable Tribble’ by the crew because, simply put, he’s everyone’s best friend.

Proof of Erik’s Star Wars addiction is evidenced by his additional Tribble designation Ahsoka Tanbro Tribble.

RANDY GREEN aka SUPERTRIBBLE (Host) may be the world’s coolest and tallest Superman aficionado. He is equally schooled in the history and methodology of hip-hop as the lead rapper for the renowned bluegrass-hip hop band Gangstagrass. A devoted father of three, Randy balances his ‘Get Off My Lawn’ moments with a child-like whimsy for superheroes and comic books, a pursuit that fits his role as the Comic Book Jedi at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse. Somebody get this man a cape.

In honor of the beloved character Agent 355 of Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man, Randy is also known as Tribble 355.

ARIELL JOHNSON aka The UNCANNY TRIBBLE (Producer, Host) is the celebrity owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse (who stills claims Amalgam Tribble status) who sites her unequaled knowledge of X-Men lore as her bona-fides in geekdom, Actually it was Twilight Zone watch-a-thons with her late mother that first lit her nerdy fire. That spark is now a roaring blaze of press (CNN, NPR, New York Times), magazines (Marvel Comics) and stardom. We’re lucky to have her and she’s thankful to be down.

Ariell also reps as Bruce Leroy Tribble due to her love of the film The Last Dragon. Apparently, she has the glow.

GABE CASTRO  Producer/Director,  Tribbles AfterDark;  Producer/Host , The Ghouls Next Door -  aka     Horror Tribble

GABE CASTRO Producer/Director, Tribbles AfterDark; Producer/Host, The Ghouls Next Door - aka Horror Tribble


I’m a Tribble furry; I’m a Tribble true. From the way I roll to the way I coo.
— The Tribble Oath of Allegiance

The Tribble Nation is strong and it is large and it is growing! We appreciate everyone who has been a guest, a contributor, a supporter, family and friend over the years. We're culling our old shows so that we can represent everyone on this roll but if we missed you, hit us up so we can affirm your residency and rightful place inside TRIBBLE NATION!